Mission: Make every armpit in every galaxy smell 

seriously great and feel seriously dry without the 

use of chemicals or bad juju. 


About Us: This Rubber City rogue deodorant operation originated in Dave’s kitchen. A long time user of natural deodorant, Dave worked to create the most effective, most smooth, most ethical, most incredible Mother Nature inspired smelling deodorant ever to hit the market. 


Ingredients: Perfectly proportioned to rock the planet all natural coconut oil, shea butter, baking soda, bee’s wax, corn starch, and Perfume.


Disclaimer:  Never tested on animals, but for sure tested and adored by humans of all races, genders, sexualities, creeds, abilities, cultures, superpowers and persuasions.


The Rubs:

Flannel—Earthy and Warm—Sandalwood

Sunset—Citrusy and Awake—Grapefruit

Stardust—Floral and Sensual—Amber

Feratu’s—Sweet and Dark—Black Cherry